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This community is for the edification and enlightenment of those who are attempting to put together a Buffy/Faith website, Miles To Go, which, the gods willing, will one day be the Buffy/Faith zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild.

Only those of us who are engaged in this endeavour can post here.

If you have advice or suggestions, though, we'd be happy to receive them. Let cadence_k, faith_delivers, marenfic, or zulu know of your interest. We like contributors, really we do.

JUST TO REITERATE. We love contributors, but we are not accepting new members to the community at this time. IN THE FUTURE, we will have a public forum for the purposes of critiquing, suggestions, and any submissions you'd care to make. FOR THE TIME BEING, please bear with us as we do our best to construct the best gosh-darned Fuffy site out there.

Our layout was designed by bleeding_slayer. Her work and many other fine layout designs can be found at btvs_layouts.